Fuego SlimStation Analogue Bathroom/Lobby Hotel Telephone

Part code: FG1066A(1S)


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The Cotell Fuego SlimStation hotel bathroom/ hotel lobby phone brings unequalled style and cutting-edge design to today’s modern hotel bathroom.  This hotel bathroom phone was designed with contemporary bathrooms in mind,  the Fuego SlimStation hotel bathroom/ hotel lobby phone combines long established hospitality bathroom phone functionality with modern and sophisticated design.  Built to endure and withstand years of daily use without losing its pristine looks, the Cotell Fuego SlimStation hotel bathroom/ hotel lobby telephone is a smart investment which reliably ensures you and your guests stay connected.

Analogue (TDM) or SIP (IP) Phone compatible with all 
major PBX/PABX telephone systems
Trimline Format
Heat and Steam Resistant
Sealed “No Hook-Switch” Design
1 Programmable Guest Service Key
Adjustable Handset Volume
Redial and Flash Keys
Adjustable Flash-Hook timing

High Quality Plastic Casing
Matte Finish
Black or Ivory 
Mini Faceplate/GSK label

Humidity: 65% +/- 20%
Weight: 0.45kg
Footprint: 19.8 x 3.5 X 5.0cm
Temperature: 25ºC +/- 10ºC

CE, FCC, CCC Approved Product
RoHS Certified
FCC: Complied with Parts 15 and 68 of FCC Rules
ISO9001 Quality Assured Manufacturing
3 Year Warranty (IP)

Available Models

Fuego SlimStation (analogue) 1-line Trimline Telephone with 1 Guest Service Key, Flash, Redial, Volume Control, MWL.


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