Cotell Hotel Phones Partnership Opportunities

Cotell products and services are available through our approved service partners across around the world. At Cotell, we recognise that the phone or connectivity device is only part of your total telecoms solution. As such, we place the highest degree of importance on cross-platform compliance and compatibility, comprehensive support, value for money, and total end-customer satisfaction. Therefore we proactively seek to work with specialist businesses who have proven expertise in the field of hospitality communications, and who offer high quality hospitality communications solutions from a wide range of PBX and IP-PBX vendors.

Why Choose Cotell Hotel Phones

Cotell is a world-renowned manufacturer of specialist hospitality and communications products and services. Cotell is committed to manufacturing excellence, innovation, design and technology. Cotell sells products directly to end-user hotels and also deals with representative partners who incorporate our products and services into communications system sales and installations. We offer a wide range of specialist hospitality telephones and guestroom technology devices that have been designed specifically to work in hotels and cater to the needs of both the hotelier and the guest. 

Advantages of Becoming a Cotell Business Partner

  • Superior products, high functionality and reliability
  • Very competitive end-user retail pricing
  • Comprehensive product warranty and priority support
  • Excellent resale discounts and volume discounts
  • Fast manufacturing and shipment 
  •  Faceplate customisation
  •  Lead generation
  •  Marketing support
  •  Advanced notification of new products and services
  •  Product feedback initiatives to influence current and future design and manufacture

Compatible PBX/IP-PBX Systems

Cotell’s hospitality telephones have been specifically designed to work with a wide range of PBX and IP-PBX systems from communications systems manufacturers around the world. Cotell’s range of IP Telephones are fully SIP compliant ensuring hotels maintain specialist hospitality features and functions, and also benefit from evolving convergence technologies. Cotell’s hospitality products are compatible with PBX and IP-PBX systems from the following Manufacturers amongst others: AASTRA, ALCATEL LUCENT, AVAYA, MITEL, NORTEL,NEC

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