Cotell Fuego WallPlate Hotel Bathroom Phone

Part code: FG1068A


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The Cotell Fuego Wall Plate hotel bathroom/ lobby phone brings both style and practicality to today’s modern hotel bathroom. Designed to address the needs of discerning hoteliers, the Cotell Fuego Wall Plate hotel bathroom/hotel lobby phone combines contemporary hospitality bathroom phone functionality with cutting edge design. Built to endure and withstand years of daily use without losing its pristine looks, the Cotell Fuego Wall Plate hotel bathroom/ hotel lobby phone is a smart investment which reliably ensures you and your guests stay connected.

Single Line 
High Immunity to electro-magnetic radiation
High quality plastic faceplate
Dial pad with answer button or SOS & answer button
or SOS, Hold & answer button
Standard twin 86 base box
Optional acrylic or metallic alloy frame finishing
Additional frame colour option

Power: Line powered
Temperature: 0-40°C
Humidity: 95% RH max, no dew forming
Weight: 1.0Kg
Measurement: 19.3 x 9cm

Black Acrylic Finishing
Silver Metallic Finishing
Gold Metallic Finishing


Fuego Wall Plate (Analogue)
1 line Wall Mounted telephone
Options: Dial Pad with answer button/
SOS & answer button/SOS, Hold & answer


Available Models

Fuego Wall Plate (analogue) 1-line Wall Mounted Telephone.  Options: Dial pad with answer button/SOS & answer button/SOS, Hold & answer button.

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